Safer, Faster, Easier

CARRY-MATE is a lightweight and durable plastic solution for transporting, deploying and retrieving electric fence standards. It allows farmers, equestrians and life style block owners to safely carry up to 24 electric fence standards at a time and most electric fence reels.

CARRY-MATE'S ergonomically designed handle is comfortable and provides directional control. Its unique shape can be operated using one hand allowing standards and reel to be simultaneously deployed or retrieved. Ultimately, this improves your efficiency and makes transitioning between different stages of fencing quick and easy.

Together, CARRY-MATE and its attachment system will improve your safety when operating a vehicle. Its modular system is designed to mount on a range of vehicles, including ATV'S and most UTV'S. This removes unnecessary distractions allowing farmers to focus on driving. CARRY-MATE  can be easily detached to improve your field of vision and balance while driving.

CARRY-MATE  will help you save time and money. It will make everyday tasks Safer, Faster, Easier and stop your standards disappearing or being left lying in the field. Buy your CARRY-MATE univeral Kit now and enjoy a safer solution to electric fencing.

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