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Accurate and cost- effective stock and pasture management in times of increasing climatic 

instability requires control of your mobs in ways that are flexible and capable of rapid

change. The CARRY-MATE is a robust but light bike-mounted platform to work up to three

hotwires and post sets with ease and speed, and makes quick movements really light

work! The CARRY-MATE is clearly designed by someone who uses the gear himself and thinks 

about how to get the best out of the ergonomics - it's incredibly user-friendly, no heavy

lifting, easy to load and makes my job so much easier. Doug is a thoughtful

designer and producer and listens to what farmers need and want - thank you CARRY-MATE!

Parikawa Farms Partnership


CARRY-MATE is a well thought out product,

it makes the task of carryng and transporting standards and reels safe and hassle free.

Cameron Duncan (Tui Eden Farms)


 We purchased our Carry-Mate at Central District Field days and it was the best decision ever,

 I was so sick of having to walk backwards and forwards across the paddock to collect standards,

I can only carry about half a dozen at one time as they are continually getting tangled and pinching my hands.

With the Carry-Mate I only have to make one trip across the paddock and I can carry all the standards (20+) at once.

Putting up fences has never been easier.

Tracy Davis
(Stapl-it & Strip-it)



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